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Paper Industry
PAPER MILL - 2330 MM - 30-150 GSM

Ref. No.:PAPERM141202



Qty:1 Second-hand paper mill

Built:1957 Basis Weight range

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DescriptionPAPER MILL - 2330 MM - 30-150 GSM
Ref. No.PAPERM141202
Qty. 1 Second-hand paper mill 
Mfc.ALLIMAND Working width
Built1957 Basis Weight range
Raw Material – Virgin and recycling pulp Machine Speed260 m/min

Atmospheric HeadBox VOITH Fourdrinier - Type Paper Machine


Paper friction press – TRAMAGAL (Allimand) Coating press – TRAMAGAL (Allimand)

WinderAllimand Yankee Cylinder
Inclined Size-PressAllimand
2nd drying section4 rolls - diameter 1500 mm
Cooler cylinder HotteSPOONER

Calender – Allimand with variable crown roll Winding module - Allimand

3 refinersJonnes 3000 20”
Paper gradesSmoot paper; special paper for packaging; kraft liner paper