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Ref. No.:DIAPERL190801



Qty:1 Second-hand baby diaper production line

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Ref. No.DIAPERL190801
Qty. 1 Second-hand baby diaper production line 
Mfc.Maqmantas Type
Size of diapersMini, Midi, Maxi, Junior Nominal Production
Dimensions4800 x 950 x 2050 (L x W x H) mm (without exhauster)
Room dimensions21 x 5.3 x 3.1 m – L x W x H
Voltage3 ~ 220 V, 3 ph., 60Hz, 100 A Power
Theoretical Weight1500 kg Screw compressor
The machine can be demonstrated in running conditions. 
Production Line 
Adjustable brackets for roll fabric with mechanical brake. 
Cylindrical rollers and tensioners for closing the diaper 
Liquid suction insert for manual feeding 
Positioning sensor and pneumatic stepping device 
Aluminum profile support. 
Hot-Melt Adhesive Melt Container 
1. Container with an adhesive melting capacity of 18 kg. 
2. 21 electric motor with frequency converter 1
3. Electric panel with 9 temperature controllers. 
4. With distribution filter and 4 outputs. 
5. 04 pcs 2.00 m long thermoelectric hoses. 
6. Block 01 with 10 modular adhesive, 300 mm polyethylene. 

7. 01 Double block for non-woven and rubber weave with 5 and 2 module adhesives

8. 01 Double Block with 2 and 2 Modular Adhesives 
9. 01 Block with 2 Module Adhesive for Rubber Wire. 
10. 23 nozzles with adhesive. 
11. Magnetic Valves 24 Vdc. 
12. Sockets. 
13. Hoses and Pneumatic Connections. 
Rubber-coil winding dispenser 
- Coordinated dosing of 8 coils of rubber at same time 
- Coiled roller rollers with drive inverter and gear motor. 
Control cabinet 
- Speed control electronics - thermal relays 
- drive tuners - control knobs - liquid crystal displays 
- start-stop-emergency stop relays. 
Side adhesive tape applicator 
- Rotary belt conveyor and automatic cutting unit 

- Symmetrical vacuum roller belt feeder with mechanical brakes

Side Adhesive Folding Applicator 
- Side Adhesive Latch Locking System Drive Element 
- Lower roller silicone rubber rollers 
First Velcro Applicator 
- Rotary belt conveyor and vacuum cutting unit 
- Adjustable support for tape roll. 
- Vacuum pump with motor 
Anatomical Cutter Applicator 
- Industrial cutting roller 
- 2 high-performance extraction engines 
- Cutting waste extraction system 
Liquid Leak Damper Applicator 
- Adjustable brackets for roll fabric with mechanical brake 
- Ipai cutter blade with electric motor 
- Tension rollers 
- Special material fold system 
- Sensor-controlled sectional hot-melt adhesive 
Length Folding Applicator 
- Nylon roller for longitudinal drive. 
- Adjustable material drive guide rods 
Cutting Applicator 

- Adjustable sensory cutting knife and knife holder for final diaper cutting


The length of the diaper is changed mechanically to the size of the diaper

and the number of gears. 
Strips and cuts are positioned by setting the nodes. 
Pneumatic Packer 
- Pneumatic foot valve 
- Pneumatic cylinders 
- Aluminum dispensing table 
- Industrial slicer applicator 

- liquid absorbent material (rolls) for slicing S - M - L - XL inserts