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POWER PLANT - QTY. 2 110 KV SIEMENS SF6 & X-FMR 110/20 KV - 80 MVA

Ref. No.:POWERPLANT130301



Qty:1 Second-hand power plant

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POWER PLANT - QTY. 2 110 KV SIEMENS SF6 & X-FMR 110/20 KV - 80 MVA

Ref. No.POWERPLANT130301
Qty. 1 Second-hand power plant 
Consist of 
Of-site facilities 
VE asset Year of construction 2006 MfcRWT GmbH
Two roads Performance20 m³ /h each street
Plant feed-in 
Two piece 110 kV Siemens SF6 power switches vintage 2006 

Two piece oil transformer 110/20 kV Siemens each with 80 MVA vintage 2006


20 kV control unit SF6 with 13 outgoing units, double bus bar with cross coupling

there by arbitrary load distribution during operation vintage 2006 

Protection equipment of all fields Siemens Siprotec coupled to the DP-Bus and

visualized on its own control system 

Redundant battery-backed 110V DC power supply for protection equipment and

Turbine 3 
Year of construction 1962 Extraction condensing turbine 
Fresh stream parameters normal70 bar, 515°C
Fresh stream parameters max.79 bar, 520°C Rotation speed
Performance14.3 MW Gear
Turbine 5 
Year of construction Retrofit 2009 Back pressure turbine 
ManufacturerSiemens (original BBC) Fresh stream parameters
Exhaust steam72 bar Performance
Turbine 6 
Year of construction IBN 2009 Extraction condensing turbine 
ManufacturerTGM Kanis Tapping 6 bar and 18 bar
Controlled removal2.5 bar Fresh stream parameters
Performance31 MW

Condenser is equipped with river water for full condensation with a Taprogge ball

cleaning system 

Emergency power supply via Rode- diesel aggregate 250 KVA in connection with two

USV manufacturer JOVY ATLAS each with 160 KVA 

Supply through two times 25 MVA dry transformers 10.5/20 kV manufacturer


Control unit 10.5 kV consisting of, 2 x LS transformers and measured field tower

Boiler 1 
Year of construction 2000 Reserve boiler 
VKK packaged boiler Large space-water boiler 
HEL combustion 27 MW rated thermal input, 40 t steam generator 
Fresh stream parameters18 bar, 350°C with superheater
HEL bearing with 300.000 l storage capacity 
Boiler 5 
Year of construction 1970 Reserve boiler 
Mfc.Steinmüller HS – heavy fuel oil boiler
74 MW rated thermal input, 90 t steam generator Fresh stream parameters72 bar, 525°C
Operating permit runs out at the end of 2012 
Boiler 6 
Year of construction 1982 Sulzer entering boiler 
Pulverized coal with grate 
100 MW rated thermal input, 120 t steam generator 
Fresh steam parameters149 bar, 530°C with intermediate superheating
-2006installation of Low NOx distillers, Steinmüller Eingineering
-2007automatisation of the boiler control into PCS7, INP/Kriko
-2007new inducted draft Balacke Dürr
-2009new HZÜ conducting

new 6 bar, 18 bar and 72 bar distributor with new controls and instruments

and pressure reducing stations 
-2011new feed-water pump, electrically with FU (ABB 6KV)
Flue gas cleaning Boiler 6 
Electric filterYear of construction 1982
Fabric filter dust year of construction 2007 
-ManufacturerESC -4 small rooms, 3 are sufficient for continuous operation
-Special executionlime injection for reduction SO2
Current emission levels 
-NOx 400 mg/Nm³ -Dust 2 mg/Nm³ -SO2 800 mg/Nm³ 
Structure of the power plant control system 

Integrated control systems in the entire power plant on the basis PCS7 and

WinCC (S7/S5) 
Systems and terminal bus with LWL performed in the ring 

Monitoring of the ring redundancy with Hirschmann network management system

Control system fully buffered with USV- facilities 
Higher ranking control technology Pöyry concept