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Metal production


Brand:Demag (GHH), BSE, SMS, SIEMENS, M&W

Capacity:600,000 TPY

Built:1985, 1998, 1999, 2001 Revamped: 2009 & 2011 by BSE & ABB

Request-offerData Sheet: 
Product description

Qty. 1 Second-hand steel melt shop plant including slab, strip casting lines, rolling mill and slag processing plant

Mfc.: Demag (GHH), BSE, SMS, SIEMENS, M&W    Built: 1985, 1998, 1999, 2001        

Revamped: 2009 & 2011 by BSE & ABB                 Stopped: 12-2013

Slab Dimensions:   Width: 800-1.600 mm          Thickness: 150, 175, 210, 240 mm     

Max. Length 12.000 mm                               Machine radius:  9800 mm

External hot rolling process!  Dim.:  800-1600 x 4 – 6 mm thickness

Strip Caster - dimensions:     Width 1130 + 1450 mm         Thickness: 1.8 – 6.0 mm

Rolling mill - exit:        Width: 1130 – 1450 mm         Thickness: 1.5 -2.5 mm

Capacity:         20 melts/day - 600,000 T/annum

Main operating voltage:      500 V, AC       Control voltage:          230 V AC, 24 V DC

Consist of:      

Scrap storage device          UHP Electric Arc Furnace     AOD Converter System         Secondary Metallurgy        Continuous Slab Casting Plant    Miscellaneous Overhead Cranes                Dust Removal System          Strip Casting Plant                 4-Hi Rolling Mill                  Flying Shear                         Cross Cut Shear                Slag Processing Line     

Technical Data


• (5) Transfer Cars for transport of Scrap Buckets               • (5) Multiple-Disk Scrap Buckets

• (4) Rectangular Grabs         • (5) Multi-line Grabs              • (3) Clamshell Grabs

• (2) Magnets                          • (2) Rotary Disks


• Mfc.:  DEMAG          Capacity: 80 (86) Ton            Diam.: 6.35 Meter            Built:   1998

Electrode Controler Converted to Hydr. and in 2011 new furnace rocker, casing and gantry

installed by “BSE” and in 2011 new 80 MVA Transformer  supplied by ABB

Design rating  80 – 80 – 56.6 MVA

Rated voltage / Design ratio  25kV / 849 – 704 – 498V

Design current            Prim.: 1848 – 1848 – 1306A              Sec.: 54.4 – 65.6 – 65.6 KA

Control SimaticWinCC (2011),          Siemens SIMELT,

Hydr. Electrode Controler (2004)      “SMS”: Simelt-Nec Heat Load Monitors;

Lipp Furnace with with split upper and lower shells                         Conventional

Tilting              Casting Diam.:            6.35 M            Electrode diam.: 610 mm

diametral pitch 1.200 mm                  Fore-Blow approx.:     250 Nm Oxygen on Si

Cooling Wall and Cover                     Tap-to-Tap Time:       72 Min. Product Range 100%

Stainless Steel Types

• Hot Steam-Cooled Furnace Swivel Arm

• 2 MW Door Burner (natural gas/oxygen) and Oxygen Lance Manipulator

1 1/4” Pipe                  Max. flowrate: 2.100 Nm³/h

• Gunning Material Manipulator ”RHI” with Silo (2005)

• Steel and Slag Rail-Carrier, holding Decanting Ladle (96 Ton) and Slag Pot (9 M³)

• Slag Rail-Carrier

Electric furnace control system        

B&B system environment      Simatic WinCC

User software programming  Hellingrath

Hardware and software modernization         BSE in 2011


PLC basic automation of electric furnace

User software programming              Hellingrath

Year of manufacture of automation system  1999

PLC 1 – S7 400          Furnace hydraulics, furnace, gantry and cover movements, furnace

                                   monitoring systems, smelting controller, transformer stage switch

                                   controller, transformer cooling, reading of transformer

                                   measurements, steel works computer communication (L2)

PLC 2 – S7 400          Secondary units, vehicles -steel and slag carriage/, furnace housing,

                                   movements of direct extraction arm, electrode adjustment device,

O2 lance, door burner, lance and burner manipulator, reading measuring,

                                   control and regulating values for the furnace, high speed relaxation

                                   equipment for the hot cooling system

PLC 3 – S7 400          Furnace wall and cover cooling system, circulating pumps, feed water

                                   pumps, condensate and feed water return pumps, measuring, control and

                                   regulating equipment cooling and steam flashing drum

PLC 4 – S5 95F          Steam flashing drum safety controller


Siemens SIMELT electrode controller                                  

Supplied and programmed by                       Siemens SIMELT

Year of manufacture of automation system  2004

Electrode controller - S7 400             SIMELT AC

Operating point enhancement           SIMELT NEC

Smelting controller                 SIMELT MDC

B&B system for SIMELT                    Siemens WinCC -V6.0 SP2/ on Siemens 19” Rack PC

Old systems are available on standby if the Electrode controller system ‘ABB', smelting controller

SIMELT fails               for the basic ‘Hellingrath’ automation system

The estimated weights:

1.         UHP – furnace            380 Ton                      2.         Furnace transformer     120 Ton         


• (2) SIEMENS VAI AOD Converters                        revamped in 2009

interchangeable converter casings               converter trunnion

rings with cooling system                              new converter bearings and stands

new tipping gearbox incl. drives                    new converter casing

entire valve station                                        exhaust manifold hoods

new charge hoppers                                      converter change rail-carrier

extraction system.                                         Controls “Siemens” Simatic PCS 7 (2005)

• Converter Vessel, AOD Process with (5) submerged nozzles

Volume 88 M³ (excluding lining) 46.5 M³ (new lining)

Tapping weight max. 96 Ton, Transport Weight (including lining) 170 ton.

• Converter Trunnion Ring     water cooled-trunnion ring

• Converter Tipping Drive                                          • Valve Station for Process Gasses

• (2) Blowing Lances, Length 13 M, Lift 12.5 M

• Temperature Measuring and Sampling Lance (Sub-Lance)

• Additive Storage and Supply System                     • Exhaust Hood and Cooling Stack

• Converter Doghouse

• Converter Changing Rail Carrier, Payload 170 Ton, Speed 10 M/Min, Hydr. Lift.

• Steel and Slag Rail-Carrier, Load 190 Ton, Speed 25M

• Slag Rail-Carrier                                                      • Converter Lining Stand

Electrics and control

Main operating voltage          500 V AC                    Control voltages            230V AC, 24V DC

Main drives for AOD converter system:       

Tipping drive for converter 1  2x Mill motors, 520 V, 665 rpm, 73.5 kW each with 4Q Simoreg

DC Master electronic power converter (Emergency operation with one drive is possible)

Tipping drive for converter 2  2x Mill motors, 520 V, 665 rpm, 73.5 kW each with 4Q Simoreg

DC Master electronic power converter (Emergency operation with one drive is possible)

Tipping drive for converter break-out stand  2x Mill motors, 450V, 750 rpm, 58.5 kW each with

            4Q Simoreg DC Master electronic power converter

Main cooling water pumps (hood cooling)    2x 110 kW (2 drives per converter)

TP lance winch drive  520 V, 1120 rpm, 105 kW

            DC electronic power converter drive

O2 lance winch drive  2x 30 kW Simovert Masterdrive with chopper (1 drive per converter)

Control system for AOD converter system: 

B&B system environment      Simatic PCS7             User software programming   Siemens

Year of manufacture of automation system  2005

Software version                    Siemens PCS7 V6.0

Server hardware version        19” Fujitsu Siemens server PRIMERGY TX300

            2 Xeon DP processors with 3.2 GHz

Clients hardware version       19” SIMATIC PCS7 OS client IL 40S V2

            Pentium 4 processor, 2.8 GHz

Engineering station hardware version           19” SIMATIC PCS7 ES/OS server IL 40S V2

            Pentium 4 processor, 2.8 GHz

Server 2x (redundant)

Clients 10x. (3x control stand for converter 1’, 3x control stand for converter 2’, 1x operating

            diagram input, 1x control stand for ladle firing system, 1x alloy material management,

1x switchgear)

Engineering station    1x (for PCS7, Step7, S7 Graph)


PLC basic automation of AOD converter system:

User software programming  Siemens          Automation system modernisation 2005

Media system for converter 1 - S7 400         Controller / Regulator blowing media -O2, N2, Ar,

            compressed air/ for floor nozzles and lance

Media system for converter 2 - S7 400         Controller / Regulator blowing media -O2, N2, Ar,

            compressed air/ for floor nozzles and lance

Tipping drives for converter 1 - S7 300         Tipping drives for converter 1

Tipping drives for converter 2 - S7 300         Tipping drives for converter 2

O2 lance for converter 1 - S7 300     Lift and lateral movement of O2 lance

O2 lance for converter 2 - S7 300     Lift and lateral movement of O2 lance

TP lance – S7 400     Lift and lateral movement of TP lance, sleeve manipulator

Cooling systems - S7 400      Pump controllers, hood cooling system, exhaust duct cooling

            system, converter heat maintenance firing system, communication with external water

            management system

Alloying system - S7 400       Material withdrawal from overhead bunker, with conveyor

            belts, charge bunker, weighing systems for weighing bunker and direct removal bunker

            (Sirwarex), controller large displays

Low level bunker – S7 400    Material withdrawal from low level bunkers, with conveyor

            belts, weighing systems for overhead bunker (Sirwarex), controller large displays

Coupling PLC – S7 400         Process controller converter operating diagram -media and alloys/,

            communication with steelworks computer (L2), communication with peripheral systems –

            dust extraction and water management/, immersion temperature measurements

Converter ladle firing system - S7 400          System controller for 2x converter ladle firing

            systems (for ladles on steel transfer carriages) & for 6x freestanding ladle firing systems

Break-out stand - S7 400       Tipping drive for converter break-out stand, drives for 2x

            converter carriages, controller for 2x converter heating firing systems

Converter changing carriage – S7 300         Hydraulics, drives, star wheel bearing movements (remote control: Theimeg)


• Hopper System        (12) Overhead Hoppers with 3 Discharging Carriers

• Argon Stirring Station          (2) stirring areas


The plant was commissioned in 1981. Originally, block formats were also produced in the plant in addition to slabs.

Technical data:                       Machine radius                       9,800 mm

Slab dimensions         Thickness: 150 – 240 mm                 Width:             800 – 1600 mm

Possible slab length   Max. 12,000 mm                                Melting weight             90 Ton

Height of the casting plant     Top of roller table above steelworks floor     750 mm

            Top of casting platform:  + 11,300 mm                     Casting speed:  max. 1.6 m/min

• Controls Siemens PCS-7 (2002)

• Slab Dimensions: 800-1.600 x 150 -  240 mm       Max. Length 12.000 mm

• Melting Weight 90 Ton        Radius 9.800 mm       Average Casting speed: 1.0 M/Min.

• Ladle Turret: for (2) Ladles

• Ladle Shroud Manipulator               Length 900 – 1.200 mm

• Tundish Turner (2)               Max. Charge 16 Ton              Turning angle 180°

• Stopper Rod “ Zimmermann & Jansen”                  • Heating Fire System for Tundish

• Mold Casting radius: 10.750 mm    Width: 800 -1.600 mm x thickness 175, 210, 240 mm

• Mold Lifting Table                            • Segments 1 Total No. of Rollers 24

• Segments 2-15                                • Intermediate Roller Table

• Flame Cutting Machine with Roller Table

• Exit Roller Table with Emergency Slab Discharge

• Walking Beam Coolant Bed                        • Dummy Bar System

• Stamping and Marking Unit                        • Workshop for Mold and Segments

• Tundish Shop

Electrics and controller

Main operating voltage:  500 V AC               DC converter drive supply rail: 400 V AC

Control voltages:        230V AC, 24V DC

Continuous casting system main drives:      

Continuous casting drives     20 x DC motors each with 4Q Simoreg DC Master electronic

                                               power converter

Mold lifting table         DC motor with 4Q Simoreg DC Master electronic power converter

Distributing launder turner     2x DC motors each with 4Q Simoreg DC Master electronic

                                               power converter

Spray cooling pressure increase pumps       2x DC motors each with 4Q Simoreg DC Master electronic power converter

Dummy bar winch      DC motor with 4Q Simoreg DC Master electronic power converter

Dummy bar carriage   2x DC motors -1x chain transport, 1x drive/ each with 4Q Simoreg DC Master electronic power converter

Hydraulic pumps        Various                       Cooling water pumps             Various

Continuous casting plant early breakdown detection system

Supplied and programmed by           Siemens BOPS

PLC system:   S7 400                                    B&B system:   PCS7 V5.1

Communication          Basic automatic, steelworks computer (L2)


Continuous casting control system

B&B system environment: Simatic PCS7                 User software programming: Siemens


Year of manufacture of automation system  2002

Software version:       Siemens PCS7 V5.2 SP1

Server hardware version        Dual processor workgroup server PRIMERGY B210 1 x

Pentium III 933 MHz -1 GHz

Clients hardware version       SCENIC L, (D1219-A)  Intel PIII 933 / 133, 256 SLC

Engineering station hardware version           SCENIC L, (D1219-A) Intel PIII 933 / 133, 256 SLC

Server 2x (redundant)

Clients 3x control stand (of which 1x multi-client together with early breakdown detection system), 1x casting panel (touchscreen), 1x burner control stand, 1x switchgear

Engineering station    1x

Continuous casting system PLC basic automatic    

User software programming  Siemens

Automation system modernisation    2002

Casting machine PLC – S7 400        Ladle turning tower / hydraulics, distributing launder turner,

mold lifting table, system hydraulics, leak and pipe burst monitoring, section drives, load compensation regulator, route monitoring system, clamping hydraulics for segments, section control for contact pressure hydraulics, grease lubrication system, spra lubrication system, ladle slide hydraulics, roller tables, crop discharge, walking beam bed, dummy bar winch, communication with dust extraction system

PLC for casting level control – S7 400 Dr.    Dr. Ladle slider control, stopper rod hydraulics          

  Berthold casting level measuring system               casting level control, automatic casting on

Water management PLC – S7 400   Mold cooling, spray cooling, control / regulation of spray

            plan / zones, sealed machine cooling system, temperature and volume control, pump

            and fan controls

Flame cutting machine PLC – S7 300          System controller

Stamping machine PLC – S7 300     System controller

Dummy bar carriage PLC – S7 300  System controller

Distributing launder heating system PLC – S7 300  System controller

Continuous casting plant weight:      The estimated weight is approx. 2600 Ton.




• (13) Ladles + (5) Decanting Ladles + (3) Emergency Ladles

• (9) Ladle Slide Gates + (8) Ladle Fires + (1) Ladle Car

• (12) Tundishes + (1) Tundish Cover + (6) Overflow Buckets

• (2) Lifting tables                   • (12) Molds                            • Many Segments

• Many Auxiliary Parts                       • Spare Parts


• Ladle Fires and Drying Fires                       • Steel-Slag Ladle Carrier


• (14) Sunken Hoppers                                  • Lime Storage Hopper

• Hopper System AOD (15) Hoppers and (4) Bunkers


• (2) Slab-Grinders “Wilhelm Schlüter”          Length:  4000-9.800 mm x width 380/800-1.600 mm

Thickness 80-250 mm                       Weight:           20/32 Ton                        Motors: 250 kW


• (2) Furnace Cranes 100/16/8 Ton and 100/5/5 Ton

• (3) Casting Cranes 170/150/50                   150/50 Ton                  135/50 Ton

• (6) Gantry Cranes from 3.2 to 100 Ton       • (3) Slab Transport Cranes 32 Ton

• (2) Dogging Cranes 32/32 Ton                   • (4) Cranes with Magnets from 8 to 20 T


• Electric Filters          Capacity:        850.000 M³/h

• Dry Dust Removal   Capacity:        335.000 M³/h

• Sunken Hopper Dust Removal       Capacity:         45.000 Nm³/h

• Lime Hopper Dust Removal            Capacity:         15.000 N/m³


Mfc.:    VAI (VOEST ALPINE INDUSTRIEANLAGEN)                    Built:    1999

Strip dimensions:       Width 1.130 + 1.450 mm        Thickness 1.8 – 6.0 mm

Max. Coil dimensions:           OD: 2.200 mm x width 1.600 mm      Coil weight:            30 Ton

Casting Speed:          150 M/Min                               Rolling Speed:             200 m/min.

Fully Automated         1999 and 2013

Melt weight:                90 tons

Construction dimensions of strip casting plant        

- Roller table via mill floor line:  Approx. 800 mm     - Casting platform:            3500 mm

Plant length:    Approx. 90 m

Mechanical equipment

Ladle Turret                - Manufacturer: "VAI"

- Intake of two ladles of each approx. 160 tons, rotation radius 5.000 mm

- Over-all rotation radius turret approx. 7.500 mm, 360° in both directions

- Ladle weighing

- Single stroke of the ladle carrier arms – maximum 1.000 mm

- Rotary motion: unlimited                                         - Drive power 45 kW

- The ladle slide gate hydraulics are located within the ladle turret

- Emergency drive

Shroud Manipulator

- Manufacturer: "VAI"                                                - Hydraulic Operation

- Shroud length: approx. 900 – 1000 mm

- Inertization possible                                                - Replaceable fork

• Tundish Car                                                             - Manufacturer:             "VAI"

- Intake of tundish:                                                     - Tundish weight:             13 tons

- Maximum melt:        16 tons

- Rail length:               approx. 9 meters, stroke approx. 750 mm

- Weighing facility

- Continuous temperature rating by heating box probe

- Auxiliary facility: Infeed station / Infeed block for tundishes

• Stopper Mechanism                                                Mfc.:    “Zimmermann & Janssen”

- Deformation and motion:     hydraulic

• Heating Fire for Tundishes and Immersion Tube   Mfc.:    “ MAPEKO”      

  • Tundish heatingup to: 1.200 °C                     - Natural gas burner

• CASTING MACHINE           2-Rolling System with (8) Casting Roll Pairs; (2) Casting Frames

- Machine execution:             - Casting width:          1130 mm -1450 mm

Casting Rolls

- In total 8 casting roll pairs, several widths, including fittings like inserts warehouse etc.

- 2 pairs 1130 mm, 1 pair 1330 mm, 1 pair 1390 mm, 4 pairs 1430 mm

- 1 pair spare jackets for 1430 mm

- Rolls Ø 1480-1520 mm                               - Water-cooled up to 8000 l/min/Roll,

- Electrical drive                                             - Surface cleaning system


- 14 zone-inertization with each 2 gas connections,

- Total volume max. approx. 400 Nm³/h       - Covers for several widths H1130, 1330, 1430 I

Side Sealings

- Three complete structures compatible among each other

- Rotative and vertical possibility for oscillation via hydraulic

- Hydraulic screw-up and multiple possibilities of adjustment

- Heatable on both front and back side up to 1300°C within several zones

Casting Frame

- 2 casting frames, compatible among each other

- Quick-change frame including all media connections

- Approximate weight: 85 tons including casting rolls

- Approximate dimensions: 5 m*3.5 m*1.5 m


- Solution level rating via mould level camera

- Temperature scanner (company Land) within heating box, in front and behind rolling stand

- Strip controlling camera within heating box

• Heating Box and Roller Table (approx. 25 Rolls)

- Approx. 25 roller table rolls Ø 280 mm, individually driven, water-cooled, for strip widths

up to 1600 mm

- Heating box fire-proofed covered, water-cooled panel,

- Heating box inertizable with up to 3.000 Nm³/h N2 HO2 < 0,5%I

- Ribbed table for strip guide, hydraulically shiftable

• Steering Driver                                           

- Ø 600 mm, for strip widths up to 1600 mm, width of action 1100 mm, Electrical drive

- Hydraulically shiftable: vertical and bow-type shaped

- Connected to visual strip flow control (company Eckelmann )

• (2) Strip Thickness Gauges                        Mfc.:    “MESACON”

- Manufacturer: “Mesacon”

- Strip thickness- and strip profile gauges in front as well as behind rolling stand

- Each 4 X-ray generators with 32 channels, maximum width approx. 1400 mm

- Axially shiftable, bow-type shape C

• Four-Roll-Driver; Vertical Rolls hydraulic shift.

- Ø 400mm, vertical rolls hydraulically shiftable, rolls hydraulically shiftable, roadway 180 mm

• Inductive Strip Heater                      Mfc.:    “ELOTHERM”

- Four modules of each 2.5 MW

- Module axially and vertically shiftable in order to adjust temperature and temperature

            distribution                              - Maximum temperature stroke:             approx. 400 K

• 4-Hi ROLLING MILL            Modernised:    2001   by M&W

Roll Bending               (10) Pair of Work Rolls           (2) Pair of Back-Up Rolls

(1) Set of Roll Chocks.                                              Roll Changing Unit

- Drive capacity:         approx. 5.5 MW, pinion gear unit, speed max. approx.:           200 m/min

- Maximum rolling load: approx. 45 MN                    - Hydraulic screw-down

- Backup rolls Ø1350 mm – 1450 mm                      working rolls Ø 700 mm – 750mm

roll body length 2250 mm

- In total 10 pairs of working rolls including roll chocks        - 2 pairs of backup rolls

- 1 set of roll chocks for backup rolls

- Roll chocks for backup rolls: with Morgoil bearing

- Positioning elements: axial roll shifting HCVCI +-120 mm, roll bending 3.000 kN,

35 zone cooling

- Roll gap lubrication

- Various regulations: for example visual strip flow control with steering driver

(company Eckelmann)

- Roll changing device (also suitable for change on the fly)

• Strip Flatness Control                                 Mfc.:    “IMS”   Adjustment by “BFI”

- Visual strip flatness rating system with projectors and cameras

- Flatness adjustment via positioning elements of the rolling stand

• Roller Table                                                 Mnf.:    “M+W”

- Each roll individually driven, and water-cooled       - In total 22*6 rolls Ø220 mm

- Length of rolling stand up to 1st coiler approx. 47.5 m,

- Laminar cooling between rolling stand and coiler

• Strip Surface Inspection

OIS – Parsytec” (exit line, roller table)

- System specification:                      - HTx 4.3 “Parsytec”

- 5 CCD- cameras for strip surface (inspection width =1730 mm)

- Picture resolution: 0.5 mm x 1.25 mm / Pixel

- 3 lightings                                        - 4 computers in network

- All devices with one place of work within container

- Inspection capacity:

- 20 strip casting plant-specific types of defects including 50 variations of defects

- Online-alarms

- Offline applications: Assessment, Gussmap, testbed for post-classification

- Documents:

- Master Sets of Samples (MSoS)                - Programs for post-classifications

- Systems document (HTx4.2) of “Parsytec”

OIS – Pieper”: (Heating box, situated below casting rolls)

- System specification:

- Camera for strip bottom side (Width of inspection=140-220 cm)

- Picture resolution: approx. 3 mm x 3 mm / Pixel

- 1 PC

- Inspection capacity:

- 2 strip casting plant-specific markings (casting roll injuries)

- Documents:

- Source code in Matlab (co-owner: “Pieper” )


- Master sets of samples (2 for hot rolled strip, 2 for cold rolled strip) for the strip casting plant specific classifiers, 13-15 types of defects on the annealing- and pickling lines (GBL) of the cold-rolling mill

- Programs for post-classifications on the annealing- and pickling lines

• FLYING SHEAR                  Mfc.:    “M&W”            Diam.: 600 mm

- Hydraulically adjustable                  - Performance: drives the strip during a shearing cut

• CROSS CUT SHEAR          Mfc.:    “M&W”            Max thickness:             5 mm (Stainless Steel)

- Drum shear-principle                       - Maximum strip width 1600 mm

• Side Guides                         - Shiftable                   - Wearing strips

• COILER        Mfc.:    “VAI”               (2) Coilers                   Expanding mandrel

Coil ID:           725 mm           Drive power:   200 kW each

Max. Coil weight:       30 Ton                        Coil OD:             2.200 mm

- Each coiler with 3 basket rolls Ø 380 mm, driver with top roll Ø 800 mm, bottom roll Ø 600 mm

- Capacity per each coiler 200 kW

- Maximum coil weight approx. 30.000 kg, max. coil outside diameter Ø 2.200 mm

- Coil transfer system per each coiler including coil strapping machine

- Length of coiler 1 – coiler 2: 9.7 m

• Scrap Removal

- Dummy bar pinch roll set, dummy bar coiler          - Scrap driving gear

- Sample station                                                        - Emergency trap basket

• WORKSHOP for maintenance- and repair work of  Casting Rolling Mill

Complete Maintenance and Repair Equipment with all required aligning stands for moulds and segments, as well as equipment for handling / repair / installation / dismantling of the individual power units of the strip casting machine

Electrical equipment and Control system

Control system strip casting plant:

B&B System environment, Visual display surface:   WinCC 6.0, SP2

Used system families for control       Step 7, TCS, LogiDYN, LogiCAD

Programming application software    Basic system VATech / Elin as well as various

            further developments (Water management Balcke Dürr / Löb)

Year of manufacture automation system      1999-2013

Communication          HP Network technique, Industrial Ethernet 100MB/s – divided into PLC- (Processing-) Net and HMI- (Terminal-) Net Various Profibus systems

Hardware status Server         HP ProLiant DL 380 G3 -Windows Server 20032

Hardware status Clients        HP ProLiant DL 380 G3

Hardware status Engineering station            HP ProLiant DL 380 G5

Software status Engineering station             Simatic Manager:            Step 7 V5.5 Stand V5.5.0.0

            Beckhoff:  TwinCAT v2.11.2220        PLC Control v2.11.0            System Manager v2.11.0

Server             2x casting machine G3,         2x Water management G3 (in each case redundant)

Clients             Casting machine:       10 Clients: thereof 7 G3, 1 Dell, 2 19“

                        Touchpanels Water management:                2 Clients, (G3, Dell RS 5400)

Various           PCs     Various types of technological data logging, 2x IBA PDA systems,

various types of Engineering Station (2x TCS, Logidyn / Pilz)

PLC Basic Automation Strip Casting Plant:


Programming of user software          Basic system VATech / Elin as well as various

                                   further developments (Water management Balcke Dürr / Löb)

PLC 1 - S7 400 – 3 CPUs                 Master: Sequences, ladle turret including ladle slide gate

(Master, guide value, connecting rod)           regulation, tundish cars, heating boxes, bucket

elevators, traversing drives inductors, casting roll cleaning, driver adjustments Guide value: Drives (including speed control of the line drives)

            Connecting rod:          Coupling with level 2

PLC 2 - S7 400 – 3 CPUs (AGC, KKSA, GSPR)     AGC: Casting roll adjustment, monitor regulation, Compensation of eccentric and elongation

            KKSA: F/v regulation (in the past mainly mould side sealing)

            GSPR:            Mould level control

PLC 3 - S7 400 - Media         Media - Hydraulics, water circulations, industrial gases, lubrications

PLC 4 - S7 400 - Stand          Auxiliary functions rolling stand, roll changing cars, working roll zone cooling

PLC 6 - S7 400 – Exit Line    Sequences, control functions Exit-Line

PLC 7 - S7 400 – Side sealings         Sequences, control functions side sealings, electric heating plant, hydraulic

2x PLC S7 300 – Coil tying machine 1/2      Plant controls

PLC S7 400 - Elotherm          Plant control inductive strip heating plant

Pilz Programmable Safety systems 3056     Collision locking, ladle turret and tundish car

Beckhoff Embedded-PC CX - CX1030 CPU Sequences, technological functions and

                                                                       regulations of the hydraulic axles (cylinder)

ALSPA C80-HPC Logidyn D2           Rolling converter, auxiliary functions rolling drive

VANTAGE rolling stand - VME BUS system 4x 7740 CPU´s: Technological regulating system

                        rolling stand, communication to Mesacon (profile sensors) and LAND

(Temperature scanning system)

VANTAGE Exit-Line - VME BUS system 3x  7740 CPU´s: Technological regulating system


PLC S7 400 – Water management   Plant control (Utility building) (construction level 1) 

PLC S7 400 – ‚New‘ water management      Plant control (Water management building)

(construction level 2 and 3)

Main drives strip casting plant:

Casting roll drives                  2x200 kW (frequency converter)

Roller table rolls         Approx. 180 drives 1.2 kW divided into 8 frequency controlled driving units

Rolling drive               5.5 MW (GTO pulse converter with active recoverable frontend)

Steering driver                        2x30 kW (Frequency converter)

Cold rolled strip driver                        2x37 kW (Frequency converter)

Scrap driver                2x37 kW (Frequency converter)

Four-roll unit               4x4 kW (Frequency converter)

Elotherm Inductive heating     4 Inductor module – supplied by 4 load converters with

each 2.5 MW capacity

Shear driver    2x        110 kW (Frequency converter)

Shear drive     250 kW (Frequency converter)

Coiler drive                 2x2x 200 kW (Frequency converter)

Coiler basket rolls      2x3x 5 kW (Frequency converter)

Downcoiler mandrel   2x560 kW (Frequency converter)

Hydraulic         Casting machine (Main hydraulic) 5x 75 kW

            Casting machine (Servo) 2x 75 kW              Rolling stand (160 bar) 3x 75 kW

            Rolling stand (290 bar) 2x 90 kW                  Exit section 3 x 110 kW

            Ladle slide gate 2x 15 kW

            As well as various appropriates to recirculating and rotating pumps

Lubricant of circulating aggregates   Pinion gear unit and Morgoil bearing

Cooling water – rotating pumps (completely Casting roll cooling 3 x 250 kW frequency-controlled)            Machine cooling 2x 90 kW                            Inductive heating 2 x 110 kW

            Rolling stand (closed) 3x 75 kW                   Rolling stand (open) 3x250 kW

            Open circle (casting machine, run-in rolling stand,

            Laminar cooling) 2x 90 kW                            Scale pit 1 3x 75 kW

            Settling basin 1 3x 110 kW                            Coiler (closed) 2x 90 kW

            Coiler (open) 2x 160 kW                               Scale pit 2 2x 15 kW                                          Settling basin 2 2x 75 kW

            As well as various appropriates to cooling tower and air cooling drivers           

• Overhead Crane:     85/40 Ton                               • Water Treatment Plant