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Metal production

Ref. No.:SLITTER121101

YEAR:1993 / 2004


Qty:1 Second-hand Slitting Line

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DescriptionSLITTING LINE - BRS1200
Ref. No.SLITTER121101
Year1993 OVERH
Qty. 1 Second-hand slitting line 
Mfc.Tilgert Type
Revampedcomplete new electrical system, new end coiler & loading system – 2004
Scope of supply 
Scrap coiler Coil preparation station Coil placement 1 + 2 
Coil lifting car Unwinder Grease lubrication station 
Strip underpass Changing car Knife cassettes 
Coiler with strip guide Clamping shafts Trimming scrap disposal 
Coil discharge Safety devices Hydraulic system 
Electrical switchgear 
2.1 Technical data 
2.1.1 Material data 
Materialsaluminium and aluminium alloys (series AA 3000 and AA 8000)
Tensile strength Rm100 to 250 N/mm² Strip thickness
Strip width800 to 1,250 mm (single strips)
2.1.2 Coil dimensions on unwinder 
Coil inside dia.coils are wound centrally on cylindrical steel spools (site spools)
Coil outside dia.max. 2,100 mm Winding ratio
Coil weight, max.10,700 kg (without steel spool)
Coils are wound firmly with straight edges. 
2.1.3 Site spool for unwinder 
Spool inside dia.598 mm Spool outside dia.
Length1,830 mm Surface DIN ISO 1302
Weight880 kg
2.1.4 Coil dimensions on coiler 
Coil inside dia.The strips are wound on paper board spools.
Coil outside dia.max. 800 mm Winding ratio
Coil weight, max. - Winder 1800 kg - Winder 2
2.1.5 Paperboard spools for coiler 
Spool inside dia.150 mm +/-0.5 mm Spool outside dia.
Lengthcorresponding to strip width
2.1.6 System data 
Pull-in speed15 m/min
System speed - without grease lubrication0 to 500 m/min
- with grease lubrication0 to 450 m/min
Strip tension - Unwindermax. 6,000 N - Coiler, winder 1
- Coiler, winder 2max. 1,800 N with 1 motor
max. 3,600 N with 2 motors 
Direction of strip travelfrom right to left
(operating side looking in direction of strip travel, left) 
Baselinestrip always runs on system centre
Cutting methodcircular knife cut with spring-loaded single knives
Knife axle dia. - Bottom axledia. 100 f7 - Bottom knife
- Top axledia. 60 f7
- Top knifemax. dia. 105 mm / min. dia. 95 mm
- Thrust ringdia. 85 / dia. 70 / dia. 60
Cutting capacitymax. 20 strips (10 per coiling axle)
Strip width - on 2 coiling axles20 to 600 mm - on 1 coiling axle
Cutting tolerance½ DIN 1784 p. 2
2.1.7 Energy data 
Operating voltage400 V, 50 Hz
Control voltage - Electrical functionality230 Vac, 50 Hz
- Hydraulic functionality24 Vdc - Pneumatic functionality
Operating pressure - Hydraulic functionality120 bar
- Pneumatic functionality (general)6 bar (provided by customer)
- Pneumatic functionality (coiling axles)10 bar
2.2 Description of machines 
2.2.1 Scrap coiler Carrying capacity750 kg Coiler head dia.
Useful width1,650 mm Coil outside dia.
Winding speedmax. 30 m/min
Winding drive4 kW, 3 ph., frequency converter
Coil takeup prism Useful lift190 mm Lift drive
2.2.2 Coil preparation station Carrying capacity12,000 kg
Holding capacity1 coil, centrally wound on site spool Bearing pulley dia.
Bale width40 mm Number of bearing pulleys
Drive3 kW, 3 ph., frequency converter Useful width
2.2.3 Coil placement rack 1+2 
Carrying capacity2 x 12,000 kg
Holding capacity2 coils, centrally wound on site spool Useful width
2.2.4 Coil lifting car 
Coil receptacle Carrying capacity12,000 kg
Holding capacity1 coil, centrally wound on site spool
Useful width1,600 mm Useful lift
Spool receptacle Carrying capacity1,200 kg Holding capacity
Useful lift865 mm Lift drive
Chassis Travel8.0 m
Drive2.2 kW, three-phase, frequency converter Speed
2.2.5 Unwinder Carrying capacity12,000 kg Coiler head rated dia.
Coiler head spread472.5 to 610 mm Useful width
Drive0 – 64.5 – 64.5 kW, 0 – 650 – 2000 min-1 Winding gear
Gear uniti = 8.03 Unwinding
Coiler centre above shop floor1,350 mm
Lateral adjustment#ОШИБКА!
2.2.6 Grease lubrication station 
Notched roll dia.200 mm Pressure roll dia.
Guide roller dia.120 mm Bale width
Notched roll drive3 kW, DC
2.2.7 Strip underpass 
Guide roller dia.120 mm Bale width
Guide roller number2
2.2.8 Changing car 
Carrying capacity2 knife cassettes Travel
2.2.9 Knife cassettes Number3
Knife axle dia.- Bottom axle
- Top axledia. 60 f7 - Top knife
Knife axle width1,300 mm Drive, bottom knife axle
2.2.10 Coiler with strip guide 
Entry guide Guide roller dia.120 mm Bale width
Guide roller number2 Adjustment drive
Adjustment range80 mm
Delivery guide 
Guide roller dia.120 mm, hard chrome plated 140 mm, rubber coated
Contact roller dia.200 mm, hard chrome plated
Bale width1,270 mm Guide roller number
Contact roller number2
Winder 1 Carrying capacitymax. 800 kg
Drive0 – 21.5 – 25 kW 0 – 600 – 2000 min-1
Direction of turn1 winding direction Winding gear
Winder 2 Carrying capacitymax. 1,300 kg
Drive0 – 21.5 – 25 kW, 2 drives 0 – 600 – 2000 min-1
Direction of turn2 winding directions
Winding gear- 1 drive
2.2.11 Clamping shafts 
Outside dia.148 mm Spread
Overall length1,400 mm Body length
Core diameter150 mm Core composition
Spool length, max.1,200 mm Strip width, max.
Coil dia.max. 800 mm Carrying capacity
Winding gearmax. 3,600 N Torque
2.2.12 Trimming scrap disposal 
Strip thickness0.025 to 0.250 mm Strip width, max.
Number of strips2, simple System speed
Precutter, type FS 300 Drive2 x 7.5 kW, 3 ph.,
Knifecarbide metal knife (shortened, with special polish)
Transport ventilator, type CH-T Air volume/rate4,000 m³/h
Overall press700 daPa Ventilator speed
Drive2 x 22 kW, 3 ph. Speed
2.2.13 Coil discharge 
Carrying capacity2 x 1,500 kg Useful lift
Lift drive2 x 4 kW, 3ph., frequency converter
Travel5,900 mm Coil placement
Drive1.5 kW, three-phase, frequency converter
2.2.14 Hydraulic system 
Drive power11 kW Delivery rate
Operating pressure120 bar
Pumpvane pump with pressure regulator, made by Rexroth
Tank volume250 l
Pressure fluidhydraulic oil HLP46 to DIN 51 524 part 2
Viscosity46 mm²/s at 40°C Operating temperature
Emergency cutout>70°C
Purity< 10 µm (NAS 1638 class 7 to 9, β10 > 75)
Valvesmade by Rexroth with connector 24 Vdc
PipesErmeto, heavy-duty range
Jointswelded nipple with O-ring seal
AttachmentStauff clamps, heavy-duty range