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Qty:1 Second-hand Vertical Powder Coating Line for Aluminium Profiles

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Qty. 1 Second-hand Vertical Powder Coating Line for Aluminium Profiles

Mfc.:    Trevisan Cometal                   Built:    2007                Type:            IV/7.00

Profile dimensions:     7000 x 150 x 200 mm  -  H x W x D

Weight of profiles:  25 kg/each max.          Total weight on the chain: 10,000 kg

Weight distributed linearly for only 1 meter:  50 kg/m of chain

Conveyor speed: 1.5 m/min.      Temp. in the polymerisation furnace: 170÷195 °C

Rated hanging pitch along the chain: 66/100/133/200 mm

Scope of supply:       

Pre-treatment tunnel   Drying oven        Painting system        Cleaning system 

Infrared oven               Polymerisation oven           Descending chain conveyor 

Transport system

Supply Sources

Electricity:       380 V, 3 ph., 50 Hz                                      

Thermal energy          Natural gas equipment pressure:      60÷200 (2)mbar

Hot water                   95 °C

Compressed air          Equipment pressure:  7.0 (3) bar

Steam max. level:       1.3 g/Nm3                   Oil max. level: 0.01 ppm

Water system              Pressure: 3±0.2 bar

Powder   Characteristic of powder to use: LEL 40 g/Nm³ (LEL: lower Explosion Level)

Power Installed

Machine                    Electric power - kWThermal power – kcal/h
Principal Booth55-
Secondary Booth55-

Drying oven                   + Transfer units

Infra Red Oven43220,000

Curing oven                   + Conveyor 

Cleaning unit 9-
Infrared hook cleaning machine35-
Descending chain & hook lubricator3-
Demi water unit 5-



Process Cycle

Time refers to a conveyor speed of 1.5 m/min:

Operation                   Time at 1.5 m/minTemperature - °C
Work piece loading   --
Alkaline Degreasing1’45’’50
I Rinse: recirculated town water30’’ Room
II Rinse: fresh town water (~2 m³/h)30’’Room
Acid Deoxidating2’20’’40
I Rinse: recirculating town water30’’ Room
II Recirculation demi rinse: fresh demi water (~4 m³/h)30’’Room
Chromating (refilled with demi water)1’10’’30
Pre-rinse fresh town water (~1 m³/h)30’’Room
Recirculation rinse30’’Room

Pure demi rinse (fresh demin. water 12 m³/h)

20’’ Room
Drying12''60÷80 (air temp.)
Powder coating--
Infrared oven~1’-
Curing20’170÷195 (air temp.)
Work piece unloading--

Pre-treatment tunnel

Operating data                                                            

Termic power required: 600,000 kcal/h   Electric power installed: 75 kW 

Baths Heating System: hot water at 95°C       Town water consumption:  6 m3/h  Demi water consumption: 12 m3/h     


Stage No.12345678910
OperationAlkaline  degreasingI Rinse town waterII Rinse town waterAcid deoxidisationI Rinse town water II Rinse town waterChromating

Pre-rinse town water

Recirculation on demineralised water rinseClean on demineralised water rinse
Time at 1.5 m/min1’45’’30”30”2’20”30”


Temperature   °C50RoomRoom20RoomRoom30RoomRoomRoom
Pump power   kW


2.22.2112.22.2 pump
Heating power kcal/h300,000--150,000--150,000---


Ramps feeding pumps table 


No.BrandTypeFlow rate m³/hPower kW
11TravainiTCHM 65-125/1-C/A3667.5
21TravainiTCHM 40-125/1-C/A3222.2
31TravainiTCHM 40-125/1-C/A3222.2
41TravainiTCHM 65-125/1-C/A38811
51TravainiTCHM 40-125/1-C/A3222.2
61TravainiTCHM 40-125/1-C/A3222.2
71TravainiTCHM 50-125/1-C/A3445.5
81TravainiTCHM 40-125/1-C/A3222.2
91TravainiTCHM 40-125/1-C/A3225.5
101Demi UnitTCHM 50-125/1-C/A312-

Ventilating Plant

The tunnel is equipped with a centralized suction system preventing the vapours and smog produced inside the tunnel from escaping through the mouths meant for incoming/outgoing pieces.

The plant is composed of a system of intakes, properly disposed along the tunnel, of a PVC manifold, and of a centrifugal electric suction device.

Centrifugal electric suction device

Brand: PLASTIFER SNC       Type: VSB 70 PP      Flow: 16.000 m³/h Pressure: 1310Pa    Electric Motor power: 15 kW, 950 RPM

Drying Oven - Installed Devices

Temperature probe1RG Aut - SIDISPT100, 8x400mm, conv 4.20mA-
Phyrostat1RG Aut- SIDISTC J, 8x400mm 1/2DIN-
Recirculating Fan3General Fans SrLF6 700/30°/fa 19x40 op-
Fan motor3Carpanelli MotoriM90L61.1 kW, 6 Pol
Burner1WeishauptG 1/1 – E esec.ZD60÷335 kW

Booth - Installed Devices

Reciprocator motor1Carpanelli Motori Elettrici S.p.A.MA100a42.2 kW, 230/400 V, 50 Hz, autofrenante 4 poli
Reciprocator gear box1VarvelFRS 130 SR1:20 IEC100 B5 (28 250), AC48 CS cuscinetti conici: 32015  XA"
Rolling spool motors2Carpanelli Motori Elettrici S.p.A.M80a40.56 kW, 230/400 V, 50 Hz, 4 poli
Rolling spool gear box2VarvelFRT60 B3R1:49 IEC 80 B5 (19 200) AC25
Extraction fan1Ind. CBI S.p.AKB 36 M6 22000 m3/h, 550mmH20; 45 kW (SSW), 1470 RPM

Cleaning Unit - Installed Devices

Aspiration fan1EFFEPIZETA S.r.l.SLC K 11 MS9.2 kW, 400 V, 50 Hz, 915 m3/h, 225 mbar
Safety valve1EFFEPIZETA S.r.l.VRL 89.2 kW, 400 V, 50 Hz, 915 m3/h, 225 mbar

IR Oven - Installed Devices

Radiating panels60AricatV2005Natural Gas, 415x510mm, R: 600 W, 230 V, 50 Hz, Thermostat UL

Pre-Oven & Oven - Installed Devices

Temp. probe3RG Aut - SIDIS PT1008x400 mm, conv 4.20 mA
Phyrostat1RG Aut - SIDIS TC J8x400mm 1/2DIN
Extraction fan1Ind. CBI S.p.A.LB250

1776 m3/h, 46,6mm H20; 0.55 kW, 50 Hz, 2645 rpm

Burner2WeishauptG 1/1 – E esec.ZD60÷335 kW

Transport System - Installed Devices                      

Driving unit3CARPANELLI S.p.A.M80 a40.56 kW, 2 poles, 230/400 V, 50 Hz, Temp.: 130°C, 

Servo fans: 230 V, 50 Hz