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Qty:1 Second-hand extrusion press production line - 800 MT

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Qty. 1 Second-hand extrusion press production line – still in production – until 7/2024

Mfc.: PRIMA Srl, Force: 800 MT, Built: 2009, Type: direct, back loading

Billet dia.: 127 mm – 5”, Control: PLC Siemens S7       

Container dia.: 132 mm, Length: 580 mm, incl. Resistance heating

Hydraulic: Mfc.: Rexroth, Qty. 2 Main pumps 110 kW, Control oil pump, Pressure maintenance pump, Filter cooler pump

Consisting of: Log Furnace, Extrusion press, Die oven, Run-out table, Puller, Hot saw, Cooling table, Stretcher, Finishing saw, Aging oven          

Extrusion Press Line


Manufacturer: P.R.I.M.A srl, Year of construction: 2009, Pressing force: 8 MN, Billet dia.: 5"; 127mm, Recipient: 132 mm; l=580 mm; Resistance heating inside

Hydraulics: REXROTH, Qty. 2 main pumps 110 kW, Control oil pump, Pressure maintenance pump, Filter cooler pump

Control: Siemens SIMATIC S7

Type: direct; back loading with displacement ram

Die heating oven:

Manufacturer: SmartTouch, Year of construction 2009, Type: Electric; 22.5 kW

Billet heating furnace:

Manufacturer: Extrutec, Year of construction: 2021, Type: inductive; 210 kW, Billet length: min. 350 mm; max. 490 mm, Control: Siemens SIMATIC S7

Billet saw:

Manufacturer: Sistem Teknik – conversion 2021                      

Chain magazine: max. 15 logs, Dia. 127 mm, Length: 7,000 mm

Run-out system:

Manufacturer: P.R.I.M.A Srl, Built: 2009

Puller: Single with cable drive

Hot saw: movable - travel distance 9 m

Cooling: Air cooling hood 6 m after the press, Fans run out from the entire 52 m

Fans cooling table: Cooling table: 41.8 m


Stretcher: hydraulic, Force: 10 T, Length: min 5 m; max. 41.8 m, Control: Siemens SIMATIC S7

Finishing saw:

Manufacturer: P.R.I.M.A Srl, Year of construction: 2009, Saw blade diameter: 550 mm, Saw package: max. 630 mm; Height max. 120 mm, Measuring stop: min. 1,000 mm; max. 8,000 mm, Control: Siemens SIMATIC S7

Aging Furnace

Manufacturer: SmartTouch, Year of construction: 2009, Type: gas heated, Feeding conveyor chains

Dimensions: L x W x H – 25,839 mm x 3,100 mm x 5,604 mm

Internal L x W x H – 8,230 mm x 2,695 mm x 2,638 mm

Control: Siemens SIMATIC S7