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Metal production

Ref. No.:EXTRUSIONPR161001



Qty:1 Second-hand Copper Extrusion Press

Capacity:at 250 kgf/cm² - 60 T

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DescriptionEXTRUSION PRESS - 1500 T - INDIRECT -
Qty. 1 Second-hand copper extrusion press 
Mfc.KOBEL CO Built
Pressure236 kgf/cm² - 231 bar Working oil pressure
Billet sizeDia. 175 x 400-800 mm L Container size
Extrusion speed38 mm/sec. Extruded ability 95% under – constant velocity
Speed control style by electric type potentiometer 
Max. extrusion product circumscribing circle55 mm
A Moving device of main crosshead 
Quantity of main lamb powerat 236 kgf/cm² - 1339 T
Progress ability of side cylinderat 236 kgf/cm² - 81.5 T x 2
Retreat ability of side cylinderat 236 kgf/cm² - 45 T x 2
Stroke of main lamb1840 mm
B Container moving device 
Progress abilityat 250 kgf/cm² - 85.5 T x 2
Retreat abilityat 250 kgf/cm² - 127 T x 2
Stroke1300 / 1670 mm
C Shear 
Capacityat 250 kgf/cm² - 60 T
Stroke550 mm
TypePump direct mechanical compression system
Working oilTurbin oils (mineral oil)
Oil pressure of working oil30, 70, 140, 236, 250 kgf/cm²
A Main pump 
ApplicationMain cylinder, side cylinder & main cylinder for driving
Qty.3 units
TypeVariable discharge – Axial plunge pump type
Discharge quantity460 L /min. variable by 1 unit
Degree of leaning change methodHydraulix servo (Lotus)
Discharge pressure250 kgf/cm² Revolution speed
B Auxiliary Pump 
ApplicationContainer cylinder, sub cylinder for driving
Quantity1 unit
TypeVariable discharge Axial plunger pump type
Discharge quantity140 L/min. variable
Degree of leaning change methodHydraulic servo (Lotus)
Discharge pressure250 kgf/cm² Revolution speed
C Auxiliary Pump 
ApplicationAuxiliary devices of extrusion press for drive
Quantity1 unit
TypeVane pmp or gear pump
D Oil Tank 
TypeElevated oil tank Capacity
E Valves Pressure control valve Directional control valve 
Flow control valve 
F Auxiliary devices Coller, Heater, Pressure gauge belonging to point of contact 
Pressure gauge, Pressure switch, Oil level gauge 
Oil temperature gauge, Filter, Magnetic separator etc.