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ALUMINIUM INGOT, BLOCK - DIM.: 1.0 x 1.0 x 0.5 M - 500 KG

Ref. No.:CASTERINGOT150901



Qty:1 Second-hand Ingot Caster Plant

Capacity:500 kg per hour high power electrical shredding machine

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DescriptionALUMINIUM INGOT, BLOCK - DIM.: 1.0 x 1.0 x 0.5 M - 500 KG
Qty. 1 Second-hand ingot caster plant 
Mfc.Sistem Teknik Built
Recycling capacity5000 Ton/annum Qty. 12 Units of Pyrotek molds
Dim. of aluminium ingot1000 x 1000 x 500 mm Weight
Charging materialAluminium cans, profiles, sheets, motor blocks, wheels etc.
Scope of supplyAluminium shredder Magnetic separator
Aluminium de-coating machine Baler Aluminium gas furnace 
Aluminium casting system Gas generator 
Mass ARUN spectrometer Air compressor, conveyors, forklift, ect. 
Shredder and magnetic separation conveyor 
Mfc.YSS Type
Capacity500 kg per hour high power electrical shredding machine
Mono shaft shredder style PLC automatic control unit Siemens? 
Hydraulic unit for material pushing to shredding wheel 
Current control for shredder reverse – safe usage 
Shredded aluminium pass onto conveyor unit 
Magnetic separation system for steel removal 
Electrical vibration system for dirt removal 
Qty. 1 Melting furnace 
Mfc.Sistem Teknik Type
Natural gas 6 ton melting furnace 
Made in Europe CE standard of quality and pollution control 
Casting capacity of 20 ton of aluminium per day 
PLC automatic control unit including HMI system – Siemens??? 
Qty. 2 proportional control gas burners 
Hydraulic unit for door lifting include pneumatic door clamp 
Wide charging door for easy material load 
Pressure controlled Chimney, to reduce energy waist 
Fume hood and suction chimney automatic operated 
Refractory of furnace manufactured by CALDERYS 
Casting system 
Mfc.Sistem Teknik Type
Capacity5 -6 ton per cast 10 units of PYROTEK sow/ingots molds
Qty. 2 spare molds 
2 furnace molten aluminium exit control by auto pneumatic system 
Replaceable cones for each cast for easy and clean material flow 
Material flow can be controlled electrical/ pneumatic 
5 meter long launder in axis system and manual driven 
Heating torches for molds and launder preheating 
Fast casting system, 15-20 minutes of full load casting 
De-coater machine 
Mfc.Minggong Type
Capacity1 ton/ hour decoating machine
Decoating temperature up to 800 °C in burner chamber, 600 °C in drum 
PLC automatic control unit including HMI system 
Heating by natural gas burner system 

Design of system IDEX style, utilize and burn the gases before exhausting to chimney,

this way gaining energy and reduce pollution 
Drum speed can be adjusted by speed controller 
Heat ramp and air control is automatically adjusted by speed controller 
Chimney opening is pressure controlled to reduce energy waist 
Material in feed via conveyors 
Hydraulic baler 
Mfc.YSS Type
Capacity1 ton/ hour
Qty. 1 hydraulic main pump 
Hydraulic valves with manual control system 
Easy and simple to use 
ARUN Mass spectrometer 
Mfc.Polyspek ARUN mass spectrometer
Coming with operation system build in with touch screen 
Compact size, fit on desk 
Standard factory calibrated programs 
No vacuum pump needed 
High-resolution argon flushed optical system 
High-resolution CCD with 100,000 I Pixels 
Solid-state spark source 
Mfc.BS Power
Power320 kVA Type
Clean and cheap means of energy 
Can be manual operated or controlled by nepa hold 
Cummins motor