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SKIN PASS MILL - DUO MILL - 80-470 MM - 4.0-0.2 MM


YEAR:1985, 1986,

Qty:1 Second-hand skin pass mill

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SKIN PASS MILL - DUO MILL - 80-470 MM - 4.0-0.2 MM

Ref. No.


Year1985, 1986, 1993


Qty. 1 Second-hand skin pass mill


Mannesmann Demag Sack Built


Duo Cold Rolling Mill – Non-Rev. Dia. 330 x 500 mm


Carbon steel, cold rolled and annealed

Strip width

80 - 470 mm Thickness entry

Decoiler Modernised in 1986


400 with segments 500 & 600 mm Spreading range

Strip tension

1300 – 65 daN Braking system

Braking torque

max. 1300 daNm De-coiling speed

Coil cross section

20 – 1880 mm² Coil weight per mm strip width max.

Coil weight5.0 T Coil ID
Roll dia.

300 – 330 mm Roll length

Roll force

1850 – 2400 kN Min. roll force

Hydraulic roll adjustment Adjustment stroke80 mm
Adjustment speed

1 – 3 mm/sec. Rolling speed

PLC systemSiemens
Coil ID

400 mm with segments

Strip tension range I

2500 – 25000 N Motor power

Strip tension range II

500 – 2500 N Motor power

Gear ratio

i = 14.66 Lubrication


Decoiler Modernised in 1986


400 with segments 500 & 600 mm Spreading range

Strip tension

1300 – 65 daN Braking system

Braking torque

max. 1300 daNm De-coiling speed

Generator power

2 x 16 kW Motors in parallel arrengement

1 Motor can be decoupled by gear shifting

Generator revolution

0-405/2025 Transverse displacement

Modernisation in 1993


Hydraulic roll adjusting device


Adjustment by position and roll force-controlled hydraulic cylinder arranged on the stands.


Control via fast acting servo valves.


Strip thickness control


Consist of the electrical cubicle (1600 x 1600 x 600 mm) with all necessary supply units provided


for the following types of control


Position control Roll pressure regulation Return regulation (analog/digital)


Degree of skin pass measurement Degree of skin pass regulation


Qty. 2 Positioners Qty. 2 hydraulic-electric converters for measuring the rolling force


1 Exit guiding system (left side of the rolling mill)


The exit guide is equipped with the following devices


Base support with table top and places for tape thickness measuring device, tape greasing roller


and skin pass level measuring device, hydraulically adjustable folding table, hydraulically


operated crop shear with angled cut upper knife, loose deflection roll, bearing of the deflection


roll intended to accommodate a strip tension measuring device.


1 Oscillating cleaning device of the top roll


1 Oscillating cleaning device of the bottom roll Coiling station

1 Coiler shift gear 

With 2 input shafts, helical gears, hardened and grinded, shafts mounted in roller bearings,


pneumatically operated gear shift stage for belt tension changeover, lubrication of the gear unit


by an attached oil lubrication pump, toothed clutches to connect the motors with the gear unit,


pneumatically operated disc brakes as idle brakes.

1 Take-up drum 

In flange design, hydraulically operated, clamping device to grasp the beginning of the strip


separately controlled, cylinder with circumferential oil supply, cast steel attachment segments to


increase the diameter from 400 to 500 mm

1 Coil pushers 

Hydraulically operated coil pusher with spring-loaded belt scrapers, attachment to the winding


gear, guide in round bars.


1 Strip pusher Hydraulically operated

1 Paper unwinder 

For unwinding interlayer paper, winding shaft mounted in roller bearings, set up for tensioning


paper rolls, braked by a pneumatically operated disc brake

1 Coil lifting car 

With hydraulically operated lifting and driving device as well as tilting device and movable pit


lock, coil holding device for narrow coils, hydraulically swiveling and hydraulically adjustable to

strip width. 
1 Coil magazin 

For holding 3 coils of max. width and min. coil diameter of 800 mm, coil magazine made of


welded construction anchored in the foundation and provided with a polyamide or wooden

2 Joint spindles 

including rolls and pinion sleeves for driving the rolls, arranged between the pinion gear and


the rolls, support device for the joint spindles when changing rolls, the support is hydraulically


1 Hydraulic balancing for the above roll installation unit


1 Cushioning plate arranged in a tilting gutter for coil cushioning


4 Wear strips for mounting in the stand windows


16 Wear strips for the chocks


1 Transfer tables of the unwinding deflection roll stand


Shortening of the table and renewal of the hydraulic cylinder as well as attachment of a console


to accommodate the skin pass degree measuring device


1 High pressure hydrauli aggregat


For supplying and controlling the adjusting cylinders, designed for an operating pressure of


250 bar, nominal pressure 315 bar,


the hydraulic unit consists of


oil tank, pump station and additional reserve pump, filter station and valve stand, the system is


internally piped, the valves are wired


1 Hydraulic aggregat with valve stand


To supply and control all hydraulic cylinders within the existing assemblies described above


(without unwinding station)


The unit is designed for an operating pressure of 100 bar, nominal pressure 120 bar and

consists of 

oil tank, pump unit and additional reserve pump, filter station and ventlistand, control by


electro-magnet valves, the system is internally piped and the valves are wired.