EXTRUSION PRESS - 12 000 UST - DIA. 355-660 MM - L 1651 MM

Description EXTRUSION PRESS - 12 000 UST - DIA. 355-660 MM - L 1651 MM
Ref. No. EXTRUSIONPR201001
Qty. 1 Second-hand extrusion press including (water-hydraulic system)
Mfc. Loewy - Hydropress USA Built
Modernised 2011 & 2014 (new PLC and control panels)
Billet dia. 14’’ – 26’’ (355.6 – 660.4 mm) Billet length
The press was used for the production of pipe up to 508 mm diameter and up to 50 mm wall thickness by the current owners.
In 2011 the Press was partially rebuilt at which time all valves were rebuilt with new wear components, all brass was replaced for the container and rams and the loader table was rebuilt.
In 2014 all new PLC Controls and the Control Pulpit were installed.
Note The water-hydraulic system is not included in the scope of supply due the system is also
using for another extrusion press.
Regarding the new Control System that was added in 2014, here are some details
The new system was designed to add the ability to control the applied force to a given set-point that is entered via the new HMI system. The following equipment was supplied
• Control Logix PLC System Master Mounted in a Free Standing Nema-12 Enclosure
• Ø (1) 17-Slot Rack w/ Power Supply
Ø (1) 1756-L71 Processor
Ø (1) Ethernet Modules
Ø (2) Ethernet Switches
Ø (1) DH+ Module
Ø (2) 16-Point 120VAC Isolated Digital Input Modules w/ IFM Ø (2) 8-Point 120VAC Digital Output Module w/ IFM
Ø (2) 16-Point 120VAC Digital Output Modules w/ IFM
Ø (1) High Speed Counter Module w/ IFM
Ø (3) Fast Analog In/Out Combo Modules w/ IFM
Ø Power Supply, Fuses, Breakers, and Miscellaneous Items
• · Desk, Nema-12 Enclosure w/ Stainless Steel Top
Ø Approximately (12) Operator Devices
Ø Integrated Remote I/O, Pre-Wired to Operator Devices
Ø Power Supply, Fuses, Breakers, and Miscellaneous Items
• · HMI
Ø (2) PCs with Solid State Hard Drives (1 for maintenance station and 1 for desk)
• Ø (1) ELO Touch-screen Monitor w/ Ergatron Articulating Arm
Ø (1) Flat-Panel Display
Ø (1) Rockwell RSView SE Server License w/ Linx Enterprise, 25 Display Screens
• Ø (2) Rockwell RSView SE Clients (1 for maintenance station and 1 for desk)
• · Pulpit
Ø 10” x 12” Building w/ Safety-Glass Windows on Side and Front Ø Wall-Mount HVAC Unit
Ø Electrical Distribution Panel w/ Lighting and Receptacles
Ø Desk Pre-Mounted and Wired
Ø PLC Control Cabinet Pre-Mounted and Wired
Ø I/O Cabinet Pre-Mounted and Wired
Ø Maintenance Workstation
Extrusion Press Capacity
Extrusion pressure 250 kg/cm² Force
Closing 100 UST Return
Container Opening 140 UST Shear Closing
Shear Return 40 UST
Stroke Main Ram (Max) 1450 mm Container (Max)
Speed (Max.) Fast Approach of Moving Crosshead 198 mm/sec.
Extrusion 19 mm/sec. Return of Moving Crosshead
Container Sealing 152 mm/sec. Container Opening
Pumps Main pump A2V – 250 HDL Main pump
Sealing pump A2F 12-Rl-40
Pilot Product Transfer Bed & Loader pump PV2R23-66
Cooler pump 150T-116R
Motors Main motor 100 HP, 6p Main motor
Sealing motor 25 HP, 6p
Pilot Product Transfer Bed & Loader motor 20 HP, 6p
Cooler motor 3 HP, 4p
Container Heater Power 2.5 kW X 12 pcs 30 kW, 380 V, 60 Hz
Die Stack Size Fixed Dummy (Dia.) X 150 mm / 130 mm
End Platen Hole 200 X 260 mm

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