STRIP CUTTING MACHINE - 750-1420 MM - 0.08-1.0 MM -

Description STRIP CUTTING MACHINE - 750-1420 MM - 0.08-1.0 MM -
Ref. No. STRIPCUTM200601
Year 1970, 1985
Qty. 1 Second-hand strip cutting machine
Mfc. Jagenberg Fröhling Built
Strip width 300 – 1250 mm
Thickness Straight cut
Edging width of each side 10 – 12.5 mm Speed
Strip tension 90 – 450 N/mm² Stretchning
Stretch limit 60 - 400 n/mm²
Scope of supply De-coiler DOS Greasing Cutting unit
Straightener Laser sort out Flying scroll shear
Format conveyor belt with 2 well stackings and 1 scrap stacking
Weighing device Service roller table
De-coiler ID 550 mm OD 1800 mm Weight
Spool types Group 3, Series 1, cardboard and steel sleeves
Cardboard sleeve dia. 150, 300, 406, 500 mm
Al and steel sleeve dia. 150, 300 mm
Coiler Weight 2 T Qty. 2 Well stackings
Stacking height 900 mm Stacking weight
Special features
23 rolls of Schnutz straightening machine, laser sorter with threshold value adjustment for
top side, length control over measuring edge, thickness measuring device, electronic
sheet counter, edge control, scroll cutting device up to 1200 mm wide, unwinding stand
can be moved 550 mm to the side so that half or third strips can be moved through the
center of the machine.

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