Description EXTRUSION PRESS - 2500 MT - 8" & 9" & FLAT BILLETS
Ref. No. EXTRUSIONPR170501
Year 1990
Brand SMS
Qty. 1 Second-hand extrusion press
Mfc. SMS - Hasenclever Force
Container for flat billets Width 375 mm Height
Billet length 1000 mm Stem length, max.
Consist of Extrusion Press Body Cylinders Motors Hydraulic tank
Qty. 2 Containers (8” & 9”)
Technical data
Extrusion force, nominal 25 MN Operating pressure 250 bar
Main ram Extrusion force 22.06 MN Feed ram Extrusion force 3.08 MN
Total Extrusion force, max. 25.14 MN Recentering force 1.5 MN
Stem lifting 2200 mm Stem speed 23.8 mm/sec.
At total Extrusion force 27.2 mm/sec. Main ram Extrusion force 3.08 MN
Container Sealing force 2.31 MN Container inside diameter 200 & 250 mm
Container for flat billets width 375 mm height 140 mm
Billet length 1000 mm Stem length, max. 950 mm
Cutting force for butt-end removal 0.79 MN Auxiliary shear cutting force 0.38 MN
Profile circle, max. 225 mm Profile width, max. 315 mm
Tool pack – Ø 475 mm Tool pack – height 500 mm
Total volume flow at 250 bar 1440 L/min.
Installed capacity for high pressure pumps 3 x 200 kV
Dead cycle time - cutting program 18 sec. +/- 5% Oil tank filling 12 500 L
Extrusion press dimensions
Max. overall height above shears 4870 mm Max. overall height above oil tank 4750 mm
Max. lifting height pump with motor 5750 mm Required height for crane hook 5950 mm
Max. width of tool change 3700 mm
Max. overall length 11280 mm Center of press above area 1000 mm
Scope of supply
Qty. 3 Drive units
High-pressure oil pump gear, consist of
Qty. 3 High-pressure axial-piston pump («Brueninghaus»)
Type A2V 500 HM OL S EP, with continuous volume flow rate, open type, for vertical installation in press oil tank, with hydraulic control device with position indicator and regulated variable potentiometric sensor.
Technical data
Operating pressure 250 bar Volume flow rate
Drive power 200 kVA Drive speed
Qty. 1 Feeding pump
for pressing loader to die during extrusion; in the form of a gear pump with internal gears, with a constant volume flow rate and cyclic control
Technical data
Operating pressure 250 bar Volume flow rate
Drive power 7.5 kVA Drive speed
Qty. 3 Hydraulic control valves for adjusting the high-pressure pump
Qty. 4 Mounting plate for vertical high-pressure pumps in the oil tanks with internal piping
separate pumping systems.
Qty. 4 Flexible couplings
Oil hydraulic low-pressure drive, consist of
Qty. 1 Double vane pump
Stage 1 In conjunction with low-pressure oil pump suction manifold, a serial connection to the oil pressure system, auxiliary devices operated valve control unit high pressure, as well as control devices for high pressure pumps
Stage 2 For the circulation of working oil on the filter and heat exchanger designed for vertical installation in the oil tank
Technical data
Stage 1 working pressure
Stage 2 working pressure
Drive power 22 kW Drive speed
Qty. 1 Mounting plate to the pump with internal piping pump installation
Qty. 1 Flexible coupling
Qty. 1 Cyclic control device (to be checked whether it has to be replaced or reconditioned)
Qty. 3 Low pressure oil pump suction manifold
Technical data for each unit
Working pressure 100 bar Net volume
Qty. 1 Angle valve for hopper emptying
Qty. 1 Filling device and control
Qty. 3 Three-phase motors to high pressure oil pump
Power 200 kW Speed
Qty. 1 Three-phase motor to feeding pump
Power 7.5 kW Speed
Qty. 1 Three-phase motor to double vane pump low pressure
Power 22 kW Speed
Low-voltage switchgear (to be checked whether it has to be replaced or reconditioned)
with power supply by means of automatic circuit breaker having a thermally slow and fast-acting magnetic circuit breakers and trip through the under voltage release.
Switching circuit for engines of high pressure pumps are provided for "star-delta" connection.
Engines with a capacity of over 100 kW have the full protection of the motor.
Delayed start automatically pump motors is operated with the press control.
Control systems (hydraulic and electric) (to be checked whether it has to be replaced or reconditioned)
High pressure control system
Block design, dual-line Systems supply control high pressure pump and press high pressure cylinder movements
consist of
Qty. 1 Pump power switch with valves to pressure limit
Qty. 1 Valve contol unit for control of Main ram and feed cylinders and return cylinders
Qty. 1 Valve control unit to control loader, shears and switch valve for tool change (die tools)
Qty. 1 Filling valve for control sucked or circulating oil at a fast out-in traverse of main ram
Qty. 1 Feeding valve to feed cylinder during pressing only with main pressing ram
Low pressure Control system (to be checked whether it has to be replaced or reconditioned)
to control auxiliary devices consist of
Qty. 2 Directional control valve for loader control, 2-piece design
Qty. 1 Directional control valve to operate the cassette moving table
Qty. 1 Magnetic on-off valve for separating oil low-pressure system from auxiliary devices
Qty. 1 Directional control valve
Device for lubricating of dummy block
Low-voltage switchgear for the press control (to be checked whether it has to be replaced or reconditioned)
Qty. 1 Control cabinet
Designed to install indoors over cable channel
Possible freestanding installation of cabinet
Suitable for installation against the wall
Door located on the front side, lockable
Controller doors (PLC) has panels with glass inserts making possible the recognition of the signal outside
Cabinet panels have internal lighting and socket

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