EXTRUSION PRESS - 1800 MT - 7.5" - 193 MM

Description EXTRUSION PRESS - 1800 MT - 7.5" - 193 MM
Ref. No. EXTRUSIONPR180301
Year 1972 & 2003
Qty. 1 Second-hand extrusion press including hydraulic unit & billet furnace
Trade mark Lindeman Type
1rst revamping by Omav in 1988 2nd revamping
3rd revamping by Electric Sogema in 2010
Force max 2000 MT at 310 bar Nominal force
Billet dia. 7.5 inches – 193 mm Billet length
Main piston diameter 850 mm 2 lateral cylinder diameter
Hydraulic loader arm between stem and container
Size of container 7’’ to 7.5’’ Dead cycle time
Extrusion speed max 26 mm/sec. Automatic quick die change
Size of die pack dia. 400 mm x high 356 mm
Hydraulic system Oilgear 3 main pumps PVV 250 new or recent
1 Filtering and booster pump Piloting and sealing pump
Power and automation cabinet revamping by Sogema - Siemens PLC system
Production of 7000 T to 8000 T/year with container liner diameter of 7.5’’.
Billet Furnace Mfc. COMETAL Built
Natural gas heated 5 Zones with single thermocouple & 1 safety zone
Heat exchanger to pre-heat billets in the first part of the furnace, without burners.
Internal pressure control!

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