EXTRUSION PRESS LINE - 3500 MT - DIA. 343 x 900 MM - 315 BAR

Description EXTRUSION PRESS LINE - 3500 MT - DIA. 343 x 900 MM - 315 BAR
Year 1960 - 2013
Subj. Offer about second-hand extrusion press line – 3500 MT
Dear Mr,
We have pleasure to provide you with an offer about second-hand extrusion press line
that is immediately for sale.
Qty. 1 Second-hand extrusion press line
Mfc. 3TC, Allen Bradley, Rexroth, Gautschi, Elhaus, Nederman, Hydrotec, Marx GmbH,
Truninger, Ekatech
Force 3500 MT Built
Billet dia. 343 mm x 900 mm (can be modified 14“ x 1.0 m)
2011 Complete exchange of control system on press to Allen Bradley Control Logix including
encoders for Ram, Container and Shear.
Change of pump controls to Bosch Rexroth HS4.
2012 Complete change of hydraulic system (excluding pumps).
New side cylinders and container cylinders.
Safety rebuild of press and with change of PLC to Allen Bradley Control Guard Logix L72S (which is the current CPU).
Change of control system of billet furnace. Complete new electrical system and integration of logic into the press PLC.
Modernisation of gas burners in the furnace.
2013 Change of one of the main pumps to Bosch Rexroth A4VSO355 and new 200 kW,
1500 rpm motor.
The container heating system is also new!
Billet furnace Mfc.
Extrusion Press Mfc. 3TC Built
Weight of the press 340 T Pressure
Dia. of the main piston 1200/460 mm
Stroke lengnth of the pressing group 2120 mm
Operation stroke speed – automatic 0.1-10 mm/sec. remote control
Retreat speed up to 300 mm/sec.
Working pressure 320 kp/cm²
Vertical shear Pressing force 157 Mp Piston dia.
Knife speed 200 mm/sec. Knife stroke
Container length 1.0 m (can be modified 1.1 m)
3 x Bosch Rexroth A2V500 + 250 kW 1000 rpm motor
1 x Bosch Rexroth A4V355 + 200 kW 1500 rpm ABB motor
PLC system Allen Bradley Control Logix L72S PanelView Plus 1500
Point I/O with Ethernet I/P
Encoders with SSI for Ram, Container and Shear
New container heating system by Marx Iselohn Control Panel View Plus 1000
Water quenching unit (tank) Mfc. TBA
Double puller Mfc. Smith Engineering A/S Built
Stretcher Mfc.
Force 200 kp Chain speed
Length of extrusion 5.7 – 33 m (1.5 m HS stroke) Stroke of cylinder
Vertical stroke 20 – 60 mm
Jaw opening 0 – 350 mm Jaw width
Hydraulic power supply Stretching pull 25 mm/sec. (up to 125 t)
Piston return speed 160 mm/sec. Max. pressure
Pump mototr 45 kW, 3 ph., 380 V, 50 Hz, 1450 RPM
Qty. 2 Dies Furnaces Mfc. Gautschi Built
Cutting chips unit Mfc. Nederman Built
Scrap system Mfc. Ekatech System Industrieautomatik
Container pre-heating oven
Container crane
Note Press had some cracks and it has been welded and made ultrasonic test!

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