SLITTER - 1830 MM - 0.6-9.5 MM - MIN. WIDTH 13 MM

Description SLITTER - 1830 MM - 0.6-9.5 MM - MIN. WIDTH 13 MM
Ref. No. SLITTER200703
Year TBA
Qty. 1 Second-hand slitting line – installed and under power
Mfc. Cincinnati Built
Strip width 610 – 1830 mm , 24”-72” Thickness
Web width min. 12.7 mm, 0.5”
Consisting of the following
-Entry Coil Car Delta "L" Type ID
Camroll dia. 5", 127 mm Self-Contained Hydraulics
-Uncoiler Delta Model
Hydraulic Expansion 457-610 mm, 18" - 24" Pumpkin Tooth Mandrel
Snubber Roll with Hydraulic Drive Motor Wichita Water Cooled Brake
5 HP AC Motor Threading Drive Sliding Base with 203 mm, 8" Travel
Max. Speed 150 m/min, 500 FPM Constant
-Peeler Table Hydraulic Cylinder Operated
Powered Up/Down and In/Out Movement
-Driven Pinch Rolls Face Rolls
-Entry Side Guides Powered Adjustment by Hydraulic Motor
-Entry Crop Shear Capacity Zip Shear
-Slitter Heads Cincinnati Two Drop in Heads Arbors w/Jet Nuts dia.
Outboard Bearing travels in over the arbors to 914 mm, 36" Wide
100 HP GE DC Motor, 500/2000 RPM, 500 V
Note Second Head has had arbor shafts reworked and waiting for reassembly.
- (2) Scrap Winders Hydraulic Motor Driven Hydr. Open/Close
Oscillate Wind
-Threading Table Hydraulic Cylinder Operated
-Pit Table 3 .0 m, 10' Long Table Hydraulic Cylinder Operated
-Drag Tension Stand Entry Separator Tooling Bar
Wide Boards with Felt Pads 254 mm, 10”
(3) – 127 mm, 5" Bore Air Cylinders for Clamping Pressure
-Driven Pinch Rolls Hydraulic Motor Powered Rubber Covered Rolls
-Precision Leveler Delta 19 Rolls, 9 over 10 Configuration Work Rolls dia.
7 Flights of Wedge operated Backups
5 Flights Adjustable with Digital Readout Screen and Joy Stick Controls
Spare set of rolls ground and in crate (Dia. 55 mm, 2.18”)
-Exit Tach Rolls Dia. 127 x 2130 mm, 5" Dia. x 84" Face Rolls, Rubber Covered
(Spare Rolls still paper wrapped)
-Exit Crop Shear 4.75 mm, 0.187" Capacity Zip Shear Hydraulic Cylinder Actuated
-Threading Table Lift and Extend Style Hydraulic Cylinder Operated
-Recoiler Delta Model
Bolt on Pads for 610 mm, 24" I.D. Manual Grip and Expansion
Hydraulic Pushoff Overarm Separator w/4.5" Dia. x 84" Tooling Bar
254 mm, 10" Bore Air Cylinder Lift
300 HP Reliance DC Motor, 300/1500 RPM, 500 V
Alton Gear Reducer, Rated at 500 HP w/2.21 Serv. Factor, Reduction Ratio 11.33 1
Digital Controls
-Exit Coil Car "L" Style 2006 mm, 79" Wide Platform
Coil Stabilizer Arms Self-Contained Hydraulics
-Exit Turnstile 3 C-Hook Type Arms Powered Rotation Hydraulic Pushoff
-Tooling 2 Full Sets of Tooling
-Line Direction Left to Right
-Installed and Under Power

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