DROSS PRESS - 1.3x1.0x0.5 M - 1.4 T - 0.3m³

Description DROSS PRESS - 1.3x1.0x0.5 M - 1.4 T - 0.3m³
Ref. No. DROSSPRESS190601
Year 2016
Qty. 1 Second-hand dross press
Mfc. Gruppo Pedercini Type
Overhauled in 2019
The Press works through two pressing cylinders fed by a hydraulic unit using water glycol as hydraulic fluid.
The Electric board has the PLC which controls the press.
The electric power installed is about 16 kW
The press works with specially designed skim pots and separate sow molds (panset) for aluminium recovery. The skim pots and sow molds are made from special steel alloy and they are easy to handle with fork trucks.
Dimensions 1300 x 1000 x 500 mm – W x D x H Capacity
Material S275 JR Weight
Sow moulds
Dimensions 1080 x 640 x 260 mm – W x D x H Capacity
Material S275 JR Weight
Press head
Dimensions 1300 x 1000 x 500 mm – W x D x H Capacity
Material S275 JR
Hydraulic unit
Vane pumps with bells and elastic joints for the connection to the electric motors
Suction filters with taps Oil filters
Oil/water heat exchanger Check valves
Overpressure valves Thermostatic valves
Cooling water filters Accumulator
Unidirectional restrictor Drain taps
Electrical-driven distributor for power lifting cylinders, complete with reducer, safetyand proportional
Vane pumps with electric motors for the door lifting Oil conditioning pumps
Solenoid valves for the door control Oil tank
Hydraulic Box Type CNT-1174-00-0 Quantity Pump
Capacity Pump 75+38 cc/rev Motor power
Solenoid voltage 24 VDC Capacity Tank
Pressure Max. 80+160 bar Oil
Cylinder for door lifting CNT-1174-00-0 Type
Dimension Ø 80/56 Stroke
Operating Pressure 75 -150 bar Cylinder for press
Type Double effect Dimension
Stroke 800 mm Operating Pressure
The panel allows the control of
Hydraulic Unit with soft start Automatic control panel Auxiliary
The panel includes
Automatic line switch of power input PLC
Protective relay of all motors with the necessary contactors Bright button
Warning lamps Transformer for auxiliary circuits
Cables, internal wiring Interior-exterior lighting
Voltage 400 VAC 3P+N 50 Hz Power installed
Nominal current 63 A Auxiliary
Digital Input 24 Digital Output
Analog Input 5 Analog Output
Radio command composed by 1 kit receiver and a kit transmitter with 4 push button and 1 for emergency.
Technical Characteristic
Transmitter with 4 double speed buttons + start + EMS stop
Transmitter made of high resistance nylon fibre 110V AC power supply
Operating distance up to 100 meters IP 65 electrical protection
Operating temperature - 35 / + 80 °
Receiver with fixed antenna, 2.5m wired connection cable and anti-vibration dampers
Transmitter with protective case and shoulder strap Retention stop mushroom
Double-click buttons for double speed
Double long lasting rechargeable alkaline batteries
Automatic correction of transmission errors
Functions of each key that can be programmed using the appropriate software
Name test certificate for each individual product

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