Description TAPER POLE PIPE LINE - 2.6-10 MM, ROUND PIPE 20-38 MM - L=16 M
Ref. No. PIPETAPERL180101
Year 2006
Qty. 1 Second-hand taper pole pipe production line
We have following taper pole pipe production line for sale
Mfc. CMF, Delem, Merkel, Bosch, Nachi, YSD, ESAB, (France, Korean, Japan and Chinese
Built 2006 Stopped
Product Capacity Profile 5,000 ton/year / Round pipes 10,000 ton/year i.
(Capacity Profile 6.9 pcs/Hr, Round 3.6 pcs/Hr)
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Production Description
Size for Product
Pole or Pipe type Conical Pole Polygonal Pole Round Pipe
Thickness mm 2.6,3.7,5.2,7.5 10 2.6,3.7,5.2,7.5 10~20 20~38
O.D mm Φ190 ~ Φ463 Φ190 ~ Φ820 22”~ 32”
Length M 2.45 ~ 16.0 2.45 ~ 16.0 6.2 ~ 12.8
Rake About 0.43° About 0.43°
Intensity Mpa T.S=510, Y.P=360 T.S=510, Y.P=360 T.S=650, Y.P= 500
Production process ①rawmateris ②Entry part ③Shear M/C ④Plate trans.
⑤Press forming ⑥Welding ⑦straightening ⑧packing/market
Tapered Pole Specification
O.D max. Φ463 Top Φ190 Bottom Φ463 Length
Material STK500, SPA-H (Y.P min.
Taper Angle Θ = 0.4。 jointing 450mm Overlap (Bolting)
Round pipe Specification Length
Thickness 8 ~ 38 mm O.D
Add Equipment Edge Miller 1 set + manual machine 2set included
Special tool for Round pipes - 16,18,20,22”
Inside welding, machine(Boom, Flux Recovery) + inside Turning Roll
Modify for Raw-material - Plate -> Coil
Machine Description
Uncoiler 1) Description uncoiler+leveller+pinch roll stand+crop shear
2) Major specification
Uncoiler Coil width 510 mm ~ 2100 mm
Type double cone type with hold down roll frame Driver motor
Pinch Leveller Pinch Pinch roll 2 roll type
Leveller Top roll-2 ea, Bottom roll-3 roll Driver motor
Side Trimmer Type Independent shaft trimming type Width
Entry pinch roll stand
Scrap treatment winding + Chopping type
Crop shear Thickness 9.5 mm Width
Cutting speed 40 stroke/min Driver motor
SHEAR M/C - YSD (China)
max. Cutting Length 16,000 mm max. Cutting Thickness
T.S <45 kg/mm² 13 mm T.S <65 kg/mm²
max. Cutting Force 720 kN Rake Angle
Stroke of Blade 3∼10 /min Main Motor Power
Shape for Shearing
Main specification The shear machine equips with auto-inlet/outlet system and plate-support system for the straight line cutting, which the working procedures include feeding, positioning, cutting, supporting and extracting.
max. Force 2 x 2.400 ton max. Bending Length
max. Bending Width 590 ~2,600 mm max. Bending Thickness
Plate max weight max 9 M/Ton
Pole specification
Taper Pole Thickness
Polygonal pole Thickness
Round pipe Thickness
Diameter 22” ∼ 32” -> 16” ~ 32”
Major specification
Main frame Ram + Guides+Hydrauliccylinder+Working table+ Table crowning
system+Hydraulic servo system+ CNC control
Ram – 2 x 2 syncronized cylinders
Front/Rear Gauge Servo Motor / Main Control CNC + PLC
Key components Da-65W CNC system Linkage block & Inductor - Delem
Servo valve Pressure valve BOSCH (Germany) Pump - NACHI (Japan) Oil seals - MERKEL (Germany) PLC & Servo Motor – Baumuller (Germany)
Brand CMF (France 2006) 1 line + SeAH (2007) 1 line
Welding ESAB - DC 1250A / AC 1250A – 2 pole
Welding Machine main technical datas
Shaft length 16 M max Thickness
Taper Pole Ø 190 ~ Ø 820 mm
Polygonal section shaft 8 sides
Welding speed 0.1 ~ 3.0 M/min / Repositioning speed
Wire size Ø 1.2 ~ Ø 2.4mm
Equipment specification
Loading syste Loading in carrage after forming
Carriage Transfer unit welding
Welding Station
Welder Taper Pole -> Outside welding- 2 Line
Round Pipe -> inside welding-1 Line
(able to assembly/disassembly for boom)
-> outside welder 1 Line
Taper pressing →loading →outside welding(CMS) line
Round pressing →feeding →in/outside welding(SeAH) line
Unloading system PLC Siemens S7 –
Carriage SEW AC vector - Servo Valve
System for welding Lateral Cylinder 2EA
Head Cylinder 1EA Head balancing system
Operating Panel Side Cylinder 2EA(add)

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