Description PUB BREWERY 15 HL
Ref. No. BREWERY200202
Year 1996
Brand EcoBrewtech
Qty. 1 Second-hand pub brewery
Mfc. EcoBrewtech Capacity
Consist of 2 Vessel Brewhouse 3 x 15 HL fermenting tanks (w/ cooling jacket)
4 x 15 HL BBT (w/ cooling jacket) 4 x 15 HL BBT (PED)
1 water tanks 20 HL Steam generator (NEW) 106.4 kWn, 150 kg/h Steam, 5 bar
ITWS (NEW) 25800 kcal Malt handling
- Malt handling with 2-roller malt mill, 600 kg/h
- 2-vessel-brew house, in stainless steel, copper covered, with isolated mash-/wort vessel with
agitator drive from top, steam heated with bottom heating zone; whirlpool with tangential inlet,
spray head and wort cooler pumps;
- Lautertun with raking machine, drive from top with 2-parted knife bar, false bottom in stainless
steel (trislot grids);
- 1 warm water tanks with 20 hl in s/s, pumps
- 3 x 15 hl fermenting tanks, coolable, with armatures;
- 4 x 15 hl storage tanks, with armatures;
- 4 x 15 hl BBTs (PED 3 bar), with armatures, all tanks for assembly in cooled room; cellarpump
- NEW steam generator for 150 kg/h (make ICX);
- NEW ice storage plant (make OMT); pressure raising pump; silent air compressors;
- all pumps are NEW; pressure gauges NEW; the entire system has been completely revised
and tested on 10/2018

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