Description TISSUE LINE -15-32 GSM, 60-80 TPD - TWIN WIRE (TISCO FORMER)
Ref. No. TISSUE200401
Year 1988 & 1995 / 1998 &
Qty. 1 Second-hand tissue production line
Mfc. Escher Wyss, Voith, Andritz, Kvarner, Jagenberg Type
Built 1988, 1995 Overhauled in 1998, 2013 Speed machine
Tissue papers from (grammage) 15 to 32 gr/m2 Capacity 60 – 80 Tpd
Scope of supply Stock preparation Tissue paper machine Rewinder
Gas boiler Water treatment
General information
Installation built by Escher Wyss & Voith Capacity
Recycling stock preparation Voith and Escher Wyss capacity 80 Tpd
Yankee dia. 3.600 mm presswork 7 bars Table width 2.690 mm (after rewinder 2.660 mm)
Metallic belt conveyor
Helical pulper Escher Wyss on stainless steel capacity with dilution tank 56 m3
Escher Wyss Fiberizer F3 with holes plate Trommel Voith
Reject press Voith
HDC Voith model HCC300 – 115 S installed in 2013
Stainless steel tanks with agitator Escher Wyss
Band filter Andritz model CPF20, width 2.000 mm
Press KVARNER model SP23 Double EKOFILTER rotative filter
2 Holes screens Escher Wyss OS2B, year 1995 with 37 kW motor
Escher Wyss reject sorter RS3 (out of service and dismantled)
HDC Escher Wyss Defklaker Escher Wyss E1K
1 Slotted screen Escher Wyss OS4B year 1995 with 90 kW
1 Slotted screen Escher Wyss OS2B year 1995 with 37 kW (dismantled)
Low density cleaner section Albia composed by 1st stage 32 cones at 500 l / unit,
2nd stage 8 cones and 3rd stage 1 cone
(2) Escher Wyss VARIOSPLIT width 3.000 mm
Hot dispersion unit Escher Wyss just there are transporter screw, hot screw and
disperger power installed 350 kW
Algas microfilter 50 m2 installed 1988 Bleaching tower capacity 45 m3
2 pulper low density with 1 roll splitter Jylhavaara
1 Krofta capacity 10.000 l/min on stainless steel
Tissue machine twin wire built by Escher Wyss Type TISCO FORMER
Width after rewinder 2.650 mm Speed maximum 1.310 m/min
Tissue papers from 15 to 32 gr/m2 Capacity 60 – 80 Tpd
Double disc refiner Escher Wyss DSR2 with power motor 450 kW
Vertical screen Tampella Fan Pump Vacuum pump NASH
Complete twin wires Tisco Fomer Escher Wyss on stainless steel
Blend drilled press dia. 700 mm Suction press dia. 890 mm
Cast Iron yankee dryer dia. 3.600 mm, press 7 bar Close hood on gas
2 Doctor blades Scanner Valmet IQ Pope reel dia. of the jumbos 1.800 mm
Drive sectional DC composed by
Pope reel 151 kW, 2.050 RPM 2 presses 151 kW, 2.050 RPM
Felt roll 104 kW, 1.400 RPM Yankee dryer 376 kW, 1.500 RPM
REWINDER Built by Jagenberg
2 belt unwinders for dia. 1.800 – 2.000 mm Speed max. 1.300 m/min
Dia. rewind max. 1.800 mm 1 single motor power 104 kW, 1.400 RPM
Reel lowering table 2 knifes installed Metallic cores extractor
Gas boiler capacity 15.300 kg/h at 10 bar
Water treatment Mfc. MERI Built
Celloflot Meri TAURO TAL 6,1 installed 2013
3 sand filters MERI Gyrosand GY8 installed 2013
Full spare parts for all the installation

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